Mona’s Mitten
a Story to MOVE to

Written by Kristina Orliczky, P.T.


Finally, it happened! One Saturday morning, bright, white mountains were waiting for her! The snow had arrived! Exercise 3: Get excited like Mona; Wave your arms overhead while you stomp your feet.

The wet mitten dropped like a rock to the snow far below. “Oh, no, what’s happening?” she wondered, skiing even faster.

The mitten had smacked Misty Mouse, the wet thumb clamping down on her tail. Exercise 7: Lie on your back and pretend to make snow angels by moving your arms and legs like windshield wipers.

Full Book synopsis/summary:

Who said we have to sit totally still to listen to a story? Especially when it is a book about a little skier who loves life and motion, and a mouse looking for a house?

As this is a book to move to, you will find physical activities going along with the story on each page. Parent or teacher: Please read the short instructions first.Through her work as a licensed physical therapist and a certified practitioner of the gentle, functional Feldenkrais method, the author wanted to use this story to encourage physical activity to many children who spend too much time sitting. They start out reluctantly strapped to car seats, high chairs, and strollers. Later, they sit in front of the TV, PC, or with bent necks texting on their cell phones.Through movement, children learn about themselves and their world and develop the strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, posture, and healthy body weight needed to be able to reach goals and fulfill their dreams.By adding exercises to the pages of her book, she wanted to inspire children to have fun stretching their muscles as well as their imagination.

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