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Everybody knows that children need exercise and movement for their growing bodies, which is why fun fitness activities for children are necessary.

Physical therapist and author Kristina Orliczky adamantly supports encouraging kids to get their bodies moving. Her book “Mona’s Mitten: A Story to MOVE To” reflects Ms. Orliczky’s view about youngsters getting much-needed exercise. It is a title written and designed for young ones to utilize in their quest to get it moving.

But what if parents or kids don’t own the book? What if they can’t pull out the book whenever they want or need to? Are there other options for both children and parents?

The good news is that many fun fitness activities are designed for kids, and we’ll be looking at some of them today!

1. Play Red Light, Green Light

It might be an old game, but it’s certainly good. Kids can play “red light, green light” in their backyards while teaching children how to follow instructions and giving them good exercise. Parents or guardians can even add colored visual cues by creating red or green signs, allowing youngsters to learn about color too.

2. Create a Fun Obstacle Course

Construct a challenging and engaging obstacle course using pots, pans, couch cushions, or many more household items. Youngsters can climb beneath blankets stretched between the coffee table and couch. Kids could even do somersaults across your house’s living room.

However, safety will always be a priority, so if you want kids to have more space to move around, take the obstacle course outside.

3. Utilize a Wii Fit Console

Today, we are lucky enough to live in a world where technology allows us to enjoy many great things, like video games. The Wii Fit is an excellent example of such a technological feat. With the help of Wii Fit, parents can now encourage kids to play Nickelodeon Fit, Just Dance Kids, and more.

Guardians and parents can also add Kristina Orliczky’s book “Mona’s Mitten: A Story to MOVE To” into the mix. If the youngsters don’t want to play on the Wii Fit, “Mona’s Mitten: A Story to MOVE To” can be used as a substitute for fun fitness activities for children.

4. Go On and Have Fun Playing Follow the Leader

Equipment is optional to play this timeless game; therefore, it never gets old. Allow your kids to command the group and order them to follow their every move. Encourage children to move around by encouraging them to hop, skip, crawl, shuffle, and use their imaginations.

5. Venture the Vast Beauty of Nature by Going on a Hike

If you think walking long distances is boring, you’ll have to think again. Hiking on a scenic trail and strapping on those hiking boots to explore the outdoors is great. However, should a mountainous area be unavailable near you, going for a nature walk in parks, ponds, or the woods are great alternatives too.

6. Host a Dance Party

Kids can also opt to have a dance party as well. They must take out their smartphones, play their favorite song, crank the volume to eleven, and begin dancing to the tune. Using lava lamps, fun party lights, or a disco ball to make things interesting. Competitions for the best dancer can also occur, adding more incentives for kids to enjoy.

7. Initiate Crab Walks or Wheelbarrow Races

These awkward but amusing positions are hilarious to observe and attempt. Kids can compete in races across the yard, or you can pace a pair to see the time it requires them to wheelbarrow three times around the house.

8. Initiate a Clean-up Race

For those looking for a clever way of giving kids fun exercises while cleaning up the house, clean-up races are what you need. Parents and guardians can make this happen by choosing a room or assigning the whole house to determine which child can clean up the best.

This method offers excellent practicality, so much so that you can have a “clean-up race” daily.

Getting children to move and exercise their bodies is necessary. These fun fitness activities for children are made to encourage youngsters to move around. And if parents or guardians need more help, Kristina Orliczky’s book “Mona’s Mitten: A Story to MOVE To” is always here to help.

Purchase a copy of Kristina Orliczky’s book by clicking here to get those kids on the MOVE!

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